Explanation of Al-Qawaa’id ul-‘ Arba’a
  Explanation of Al-Qawaa’id ul-‘ Arba’a   By Br. Nawwas Al-Hindi (حفظه الله) @ Masjid ad-Dar as- Salafiyyah   In English About the Book: From the many manuscripts of Shaikhul Islaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab we present to you “Qawaa’id ul-‘Arba’a” (The Four Principles in understanding shirk) explained in English by our noble brother Abu Abdirrahmaan Nawaas al-Hindy As-Saylani. This book is considered from the elementary foundations that are studied along with “Usool uth-thalaatha(The 3 Fundamental principles) and “Al-Usool us-Sittah”(The Six foundations) to prepare oneself to have a better understanding when studying “Kitaabut-Tawheed” which should be a goal for all Muslims to strive for in their beginning of seeking knowledge for one to stay away from shirk and establish tawheed within themselves and those around[...]
Tamil:Mabaadi Mufeedah explanation
Lessons by our Noble Brother Nawas Al Hindi in Tamil بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم These are lessons from the book “Al-Mubaadi’a Al-Mufeedah” authored by the Honorable Ash-Sheikh Abu Abdul Rahman Yahyaa bin ‘Ali Al-Hajoori. Taught by Noble brother Nawwaas Al-Hindi. Download treatise:PDF For Arabic: Click Here For English: Click Here —–
காபிருடைய ஜனாஸாவையா கௌரவிக்கின்றீர்கள்?
ஜும்ஆ பயான் – (2015-11-13) காபிருடைய ஜனாஸாவையா கௌரவிக்கின்றீர்கள்? உரை: அபூஅப்திர்ரஹ்மான் நவ்வாஸ் அல்ஹிந்தீ (ஹபிளஹுல்லாஹ்) மஸ்ஜித் அத்தார் அஸ்ஸலபிய்யா, பலகத்துறை, Khutbah of Jumuah (2015-11-13) Sacredness of a Muslim with Allah & prohibition of participating in the funeral of a kafir who is disgraced by Allah In Tamil Language By our Noble Brother Nawas Al Hindi حفظه الله in Nigambo, Sri Lanka Click here to download