Qur’aan Recitation

Qur’an Recitation- Sulaiman Al Mali حفظه الله
Recitation-Shaykh:Yahya. Quran 3:1-18
Surah:Furqan-Sulaiman. Mountain Barraaqa
Sulayman Al-Mali- Surah Yunus 26-109
From Salaatul Taraaweeh in Masjid Al-Fath San’aa Yemen 1435
Abu Khalil As-Sudaani- Surah Yunus 1-25
From Salaatul Taraaweeh in Masjid Al-Fath San’aa Yemen 1435 Abu Khalil was a student of the former Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj for approximately 18 years where he also taught the rules of Tajweed. He currently teaches in the Masjid Al-Fath in the capital San’aa.
Abdur Rahman Shameeri – Soorah Al-Ghaafir
We present the recitation of abdur Rahman Ash-Shameeri. He is from the sons of the former Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj (he was born and raised there). Along with abdur Rahman being one of the more beloved reciters here he was (in Daarul Hadeeth) and still is from the teachers of Aqeedah, Jarh wa Ta’deel and the Arabic Language. He is also from the well known duaat here in Yemen.
Sh. Adnaan Al-Masqari – Soorah Al-Anbiyaa
This recitation is from the Taraweeh Prayer of 1434h where Sheikh Adnaan and Abdur Rahman Ash-Shameeri lead the prayers at the Masjid in the Mezra’a of the former Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj. In this recording Sheikh Adnaan reminded those attending to make dua against the Houthi terrorist before leading the prayer. Because at that time they were making threats of attacking the institute. On the Eid Al-Fitr the Houthis murdered 5 locals from Ahlus Sunnah going back home from the Eid Prayer. May Allah accept them as Shuhadaa.
Tuhftul Atfaal – Muqadimah Al-Jizariyah
This is the Reciter Mustafa An-N’umi of the Reciters and Teachers of the Holy Qur’aan from the students of Daaarul Hadeeth Dammaaj. Tuhfatul Atfaal are lines of poetry memorized by the beginning student of the Rules of Tajweed. Muqadimah Al-Jizariyah are lines of poetry for the more advanced student.
Sulayman Al-Mali: Soorah Al-Qamr
This is Sulaymaan Al-Maali. He lead the last Salaat At-Taraweeh in the Masjid on the Barraaqah Mountain. Sulaymaan continues to show his importance he has for the Holy Qur’aan by the countless hours he sits with others ,young and old, to help them with their recitation. May Allah reward him and those who help him.