Explanation of Al-Usool As-Sittha


By Br. Nawwas Al-Hindi (حفظه الله)

The book “Sharh al-Usool as-Sittah” [شرح الأصول الستة] is a short treatise by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab رحمه اللهoutlining six great and mighty principles of the deen of Islaam through which the errors of extremists of all kinds are made plain. These six principles comprise: a) sincerity in worship, b) obligation of unity, c) giving obedience to those in authority, d) knowledge of the true scholars of the religion, e) knowledge of the true awliyaa (friends) of Allaah and f) recognizing and repelling a doubt related to a person’s ability in following the Book and the Sunnnah.

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