The beneficial fundamentals in learning the Arabic language

Written & taught by Abu Rayhana Abdul Hakim Amrikee

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“The Beneficial Fundamentals In Learning The Arabic Language.”

By the Grace of Allah the Most High and His Mercy, Ahsan Qawl online islamic radio gladly informs you our noble brother, one of the teachers of the former Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj, Abu Rayhana Abdul-Hakim Kaamil Al-Amreeki will be teaching arabic classes from his book “The Beneficial Fundamentals In Learning The Arabic Language.”

With the Permission of Allah the classes will be held on a daily basis and will be specifically for beginners, thus it is a blessed opportunity for one to learn this blessed language. Also we have made the book available for download. We ask Allah, The Giver, The Provider to make these classes beneficial and that they serve as an upliftment for Islaam and the Muslims all over the world.

Book Download PDF here:

(New)Download the book here
Updated on 20 Jan 2015 Click here
Updated on 27 Jan 2015 المبادئ66_2
Updated on 11 Mar 2015 المبادئ91-114
(From Lesson 93, lessons will be based on page number order of the above new full book)

Lesson will be based on page number of this book. It’s why we strongly recommend to use the printed version of this PDF.

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Questions should be asked before
7.00am yemen time

The lessons are taking place daily at Darul Hadeeth-Masjid Al-Fath San’aa. بإذن الله

The lessons will available to listen and download daily after 10.00am Yemen time
إن شاء الله

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الحمد لله رب العالمين